Jayanth S

Researcher @ TCS-Research

📄 Resume

I currently work as a researcher at TCS - Research and Innovation Labs. My research interests are Wireless Communication, Stochastic Optimization, Deep Learning, Mulit-Armed Bandits, and Reinforcement Learning.

I graduated with MS (Research) degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Dharwad (IIT Dharwad), India where I was involved in research work related to the Optimization of Age of Information in Wireless Communication Networks with Asst. Prof. Rajshekhar V Bhat.

selected publications

  1. PAPER
    Age of Information Minimization with Power and Distortion Constraints in Multiple Access Channels
    B, Gagan G,  S, Jayanth, and Bhat, Rajshekhar V
    IEEE Wiopt Oct 2021
  2. PAPER
    Age of Processed Information Minimization over Fading Multiple Access Channels
    S, Jayanth, and Bhat, Rajshekhar
    IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications Oct 2022